Caleb Wahrenberger... Bassist

Caleb picked up his first instrument at age of 9 but it wouldn’t be till years later that he picked up his first bass guitar. That decision would lead him to becoming a staple in the Philadelphia music scene. 

Caleb has spent from 2008 till present as the bassist for the Philadelphia rock band “The Better Half”. In 2014 he broke out on his own to form “46 Reasons”. There he stepped into the role of front man and guitarist. Although both knew each other from Philadelphia’s original music scene it wasn’t till Caleb walked into Brett Talley’s recording studio that the Bangarang members joined forces. The two went on to record “46 Reason’s” self titled album. 

In late 2017 when a need for a new bassist developed Caleb joined up solidifying the most current lineup of Bangarang.